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How to purchase images on this site

All images on this website are copyrighted.
Any copying, un-licensed usage and/or distribution is strictly prohibited.

At we provide instant download image files for commercial use under two types of license agreement: rights managed and royalty free.

Available image types:

1. Rights Managed (RM)

Premium images priced for single usage according to your specific requirements, based on 3 parameters: 

  • Image usage (Type, Placement, Size, Quantity etc)
  • Territories (Single country, Continent, Global)
  • Duration. 

 We calculate our best price for you. Once payment has been made we will send you an email invoice with usage terms and an instant download link. 

2. Royalty Free (RF)

Images are priced according to file size and are available for almost all usages for the original one-off purchase price.

We have many stunning royalty free images which can be used for any purpose. RF images offer open usage at an affordable price with no need to worry about rights. 

RF images are targeted at customers who require unrestricted use of an image for any purpose (within the parameters of the original rights free license). NB The licensee may use the image for their own purposes or that of their direct clients, but may not transfer the license or resell.

There are some license limitations; you can print up to 500,000 copies of the image but you cannot create a derivative product using the image (where the image forms a part of the product’s reason for existence e.g. a poster, calendar or t-shirt) without an ‘extended license’.

3. Royalty Free Extended License (RFEL)

An extended license extends the terms of a standard royalty free license so that an image can be used in derivative products (e.g. poster, calendar, t-shirt), up to a total of 5 million products to be produced and sold. The RFEL extends the print license from 1/2 a million to 5 million. 

Please contact us for further details and prices.

Buying images:

Our images are available in up to 9 sizes, according to your needs. Simply select which size you require; choose a normal or extended license; and purchase your order. Once payment has been made you will receive an email invoice and instant download link. 

Available image sizes for both RM and RF:

Web IMage (72 dpi) 

1. Web thumbnail small - 120 pixel (longest side). 

2. Web thumbnail large - 280 pixel (longest side). 

3. Web image 1/4 screen - 560 pixel (longest side). 

4. Web image 1/2 screen - 800 pixel (longest side). 

5. Web image full screen - 1280 pixel (longest side). 

Print and Press Image (300 dpi)

6. Print image 1/4 page - 2200 pixel (longest side). 

7. Print image 1/2 page - 3500 pixel (longest side). 

8. Print image full page - 4900 pixel (longest side). 

9. Print image DPS (Double Page Spread)-Poster or Billboard - 7500 pixel (longest side). 

Searching our site:

We have created an easy to search image database divided in to several categories for browsing. You can enter keywords in the search box to narrow your choices. We have embedded keywords into all our collections for specialised searches. The scope of your search results will be determined by your selection of keywords.

1. Quick Search  

Quick search matches at least one keyword e.g. if you input beautiful sunset into the quick search field, results will list all media containing either beautiful OR sunset.
The quick search function supports and or not qualifying search terms using the plus sign (+) and minus sign (-) in front of the keywords.

  • If you input beautiful+sunset into the search field, the system will only return results for any media containing both keywords beautiful AND sunset.
  • If you input beautiful-sunset into the search field, the system will return results for any media containing the keyword beautiful, but not sunset.

NB There must not be a space between the second keyword and the (+), (-) symbols.

2. Advanced Search 

The advanced search function offers three search options: 

  • Match at least one keyword; the system will return results for any media that contain either one of the input keywords.
  • Match all keywords; the system will only return results for any media that contain all input keywords.
  • Match exact phrase; the system will only return results for any media that contains the exact input keyword phrase.

The Lightbox

The Lightbox is YOUR collection of images. You may add up to 100 images to your Lightbox. If you wish to purchase an image that is in your Lightbox, click on the thumbnail to view the enlarged image. Select the items that you want to purchase and click on the "add to cart" button.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart displays your order details. To delete an image from your order before proceeding to checkout, simply hit the remove link on the right side.

Checking Out

You will need to login to complete your order. If you are new to the site please complete the registration form. Your username and password will be stored for future purchases.

We currently use PayPal as a gateway for purchases made on this site. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase images. Paypal will accept all major credit cards without opening an account if you use Paypal as a ‘guest’. 

My Account

The ‘My Account’ page shows your order history and allows you to instantly download orders.

Image File Download Terms

All our images are available as digital files for download. Use of all digital files, whether for web or print is governed by our Terms and Conditions.

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